Google Launched 'People Cards' in Search, How To Create Your Own

Google recently launched a new feature called 'People Cards' in india that is allows to users to create visual visiting card in Google Search.

Google people cards

What is People Cards?

Google 'People Cards' is a visual visiting card. That is allows you to create a online visiting card or online identity on Google.

This is only available in india and only in mobile devices , recently This feature isn't available on desktop device.

How to create Google 'people Cards'?

  • To create a card on search you need a mobile device (Android, Ios) , Mobile browser or a personal Google Account.
  • Use Mobile device because This features is not available on desktop and also enable English language.
  • On Mobile device Go to and or use Google App.
  • Now Search for your name or Search add me to Google.
  • Top of search results, you will find a option to add yourself to Google Search. Tap on it and Get started.
  • Now fill your name, profession, social media etc. Information and click the preview at the bottom.
  • If you satisfied with it then submit cards.
  • It will take hours to show your cards on Google Search.

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