Enable Dark Mode In Android Device

Dark Mode is officially available in android 10. If your device is running on android 10 and you are not finding how to enable Dark Mode then follow the given steps.

Dark Mode Android

If you want to turn on Dark Mode on your device your Device must have android 10, if don't then Update device to android Q.

Turn On Dark Mode -

Turning on Dark Mode depends on your device manufacturer but for most devices this process is the same.
Open Setting app by tapping gear icon.
Now select Display and turn on Dark Mode.
Also turn it on by swiping down and select Dark Mode From Quick Settings.

Advantages -

It increases the battery life of your device.
Reduces eye strain when you're using your phone in a dim environment. You can use your phone for a long time in low light.

Other operating systems that supports Dark Mode -

iOS 13
Windows 10
Mac OS Mojave

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