How To Enable Dark Mode In Instagram

Latest mobile operating systems, like Android and IOS now support DarkMode officially, and all mobile apps are getting Dark Mode constantly, Most of the Popular apps Now support Dark Mode.

Dark Mode instagram

If you scroll instagram feed at night or in low light, and are not finding Dark Mode In instagram mobile app then don't worry read this full post and know how you can turn on Dark Mod in your instagram app.

If your device running on Android 10 or IOS 13, so you can easily turn on the dark turn in the mobile, for this you just have to turn on the system dark mode in the Display & Brightness settings of your mobile phone, after that whenever you open app that supports Dark Mode, then it will be automatically open in Dark Mode. 

Enable Dark Mode In Android -

If you don't have a device running on android 10 then follow the simple steps given below.

  • Open instagram app and go to settings.
  • Tap on Theme and now select Dark.
  • Dark Mode is enabled in your instagram android app.

Instagram Dark Mode

Enable Dark Mode In IOS -

Enabling Dark Mode In instagram app on IOS device is similar to android.

  • Make sure your device is updated to the latest version of iOS 13/IOS 14.
  • Install the latest version of Instagram.
  • Now go into your device's Settings > Display & Brightness.
  • Now turn Dark Mode on, or set it to switch on and off automatically.
  • Start up the Instagram app and enjoy the Dark Mode.

Now Dark theme is enabled in your device. If you have any questions regarding this post then comment down and follow our blog on social media.

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