How to Permanently Delete/Disable Instagram Account

 If you are finding a way to delete your instagram account. You have come to right place. 

Delete/Disable instagram account

Firstly you have to decide you want to Permanently Delete your account or Disable your Instagram account.

Before deleting your account Permanently, Download or Backup Data like photo, messages or other information form your account If you don't want to lost your data.

Check how to download your instagram data.

Permanently Delete instagram account -

  • When to Delete your account Permanently it erase everything - your followers, following, pictures, chats. It will take up to 14 days to recover your deleted account back.
  • You can't Delete your account form instagram mobile app so visit website and login your account that you want to Permanently Delete.
  • Follow this Link to remove your instagram account.
  • Select a reason to remove your account form drop down menu 'why are you deleting your account?'.
  • Now re-enter you password and select ' Permanently delete my account'.

Deactivate account -

Disable instagram account

  • Open instagram account in any Browser.
  • Go to Setting on clicking gear icon in left corner.
  • Now tap on Edit Profile and then tap on Temporary disable my account.
  • Select a reason Why are you disabling your account? form drop down menu.
  • To continue, please re-enter your password and tap on Temporary disable account button.
  • Now your account is disabled and you can enable your account by just login your account.

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