How To Host Webpage on Google Drive With Custom Domain

Google Drive has always been a great place to store files on cloud because they are secure, available every time and anywhere. Google Drive provides 15 GB of absolutely free cloud storage. Have you ever thought that you can host your static website on Google Drive, that is also absolutely free, if no, then we will tell you in this article how you can host your website on Google Drive.
Google Drive Hosting

Host Webpage On Google Drive -

To Host your static website on Google Drive, you will first need a Gmail account. You can use any of your Gmail accounts for this.

Now open Google Drive create a folder and set the sharing permission to 'Public on the Web.'

Upload the HTML, CSS and JavaScript files for your web page to the new folder you created.

Now open website and login with same Google account where you uploaded files.

Demo Webpage Hosted on Google Drive -

How to Assign Custom Domain -

When you log in to DriveToWeb, you see the URL of your webpage as follows.

Go to your domain provider and In the DNS setting for domain .

Create a CNAME record then sets name www to point to target

After completing this process, your website will be set to this domain and then you can access your webpage through this domain.

It shows your webpage connection is not secure, to set webpage domain from http to https use cloudflare, you can easily add Free SSL certificate to your website.

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