How to Start Blog In 2020? Start WordPress Blog.

Do you want to learn How to start blog in india 2020? What are the things you need to start a blog? Can you also start a blog for free and what do you need to start a blog?

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If you have some similar questions about blogging, then we can help you find answers to these questions, so let's see how you can start your first blog.

Start blog in 2020

When I was learning about blogging how to make a blog, I spent a lot of time searching for useful information online. And I got to know it after reading the many article and spending a lot of time. To save you time, I have created a free blog tutorial to teach beginners how to create a blog quickly and easily. It is not as complicated as many people think!

I will show you some steps, How to start a Wordpress blog in 2020.

There are following main steps you need to take to create a blog. We will then focus on how to start a blog with, but now it is vary important for you to take these steps. If you are familiar with these things, then you will not take much time to create a blog.

Select Niche -

The location of your blog is a specific niche that you want to target. Choose a topic that you know well. Also, make sure that your niche has enough interest around it and people search for topics related to your niche. And do not choose a topic in which you do not have any interest and you will get bored of writing articles related to it soon.

When it comes to naming your blog, you have countless options. You can use your own name, last name, or some combination of both. Apart from this, you can also choose a name related to your niche.

Choose Best Blogging Platform -

The next step is to find the best-suited blogging site to start creating your own blog. Many platforms are available for blogging

If you are serious about blogging, I recommend using software. Apart from this, if you do not want to spend money then you can also go with

Hosting and a Domain -

If you have chosen then you will need a good web hosting for this. The web hosting provider serves as the foundation for your blog. Choosing the wrong web host can ruin your expectations of running a successful blog, ruining all your efforts.

A domain name is a name by which your blog will be known online, no matter what you choose. Your blog on the Internet will be known by this name.

Customize Blog -

You do not need a professional web designer or developer to make your blog beautiful. You can also do it yourself.

On platforms like you get pre-designed free themes. They provide templates you can choose from, based on your preferred layout and color scheme.

Final step

In this last step you have to write a blog post in your blog and publish it. You have to continuously post articles related to your topics on your blog.

Now your blog is ready but it is not the end of blogging, it is just a beginning of your blogging journey, which you will learn gradually in the future.

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